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The Pain of Communication

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I miss my youth and those days when communicating with my parents, brother, and friends was so easy.

It’s when I started writing professionally that I realized communicating with the world outside my own won’t be easy.  I just don’t get why many people, especially in the corporate world, have the tendency to veer away from standard English when writing and speaking.  I understand that language evolves, but it does not mean we should forget its basic elements.  Unless one’s writing is targeted towards a specific group of individuals,  I don’t see the need for fancy words.

Aside from misused highfalutin English words in documents, articles, and newsletters, among others, phone calls and e-mails these days abound with inappropriate expressions.

For example, someone called me last month to let me know that they are looking for an in-office writer.  I’ve never heard or used “in-office” before, only in-house.

“Revert” is another word that has no room in everyday conversations. One time, my husband asked me to read his email  because one of his clients said “I will revert to you” in response to a message that my husband had sent to him.  I tried to see the word’s relation to their issue at hand, but I failed to see it.  You say revert if you mean to go back to an original plan or state, right?  In this case, Jon’s client could’ve simply said, “I will contact you again in a while”  Image

Perhaps God should confuse our speech again like what He did to the people behind the Tower of Babel so that we can go back to the basics of communication.

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