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Heaven’s Oils


On the subject of health, organic products do not only refer to food but to everything you apply on your body. 

After removing processed meat, palm oil, white bread, and sodium from my diet last year, I stopped using the cortisone cream, clobetasol anti-inflammatory cream, and hydrating lotions that were prescribed by my dermatologist.  I cleared all of these out of my bathroom because they are useless.

Physiogel, Cetaphil, Atopiclair, name any anti eczema product and I’ll tell you point-blank that I’ve tried that brand already; unfortunately none of them has worked for me.

What worked for me are organic oils that were made from pure plant extractions.  These are Planet Noah’s Oasis Soothing Baby Oil and Itcho’s Oil from All Organics.  I am skeptical about trying new skin products because of my skin’s sensitivity.  Although I instantly liked what’s written on the label of Oasis, I didn’t want to wind up regretting buying it.


Itcho’s P285.00 (30ml) Oasis P1,200.00 (500ml)

My research resulted in an enlightening revelation.  The owner of Planet Noah knows a lot about eczema because her son, Noah, was diagnosed with this skin problem when he was only two months old.  Like me, this mom got tired of buying prescribed creams and lotions that promise to clear eczema from one’s skin, so she decided to make homemade remedies in the hope of curing her son.

To cut the story short, that Super Mom’s hard work paid off.  After curing her son, she made her homemade remedies available to the public so that those with sensitive skin do not have to put up with commercial skin products or doctor’s prescriptions that are not only expensive but also ineffective.

One day, while buying my Oasis Oil at Sesou Nature Source, I was accidentally introduced to another oil from heaven called Itcho’s Oil.  Although I’m happy and contented with Oasis, I wanted to try an alternative to my usual oatmeal bath solution (ground oats + Oasis Baby Oil).

According to the label of Itcho’s, this product is made from plant extracts that are, indeed, friendly to the skin. It has avocado oil, pili pulp oil, extra virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil, sunflower oil, and echium plantagineum among others.  All these are sourced from the farmers of Negros Occidental.  When I discovered this, I became more eager to buy Itcho’s because I hold farmers in high regard.  They produce organic products that serve as safer and healthier alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs.

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  1. Hello, I am lucky to have been led to your blog. Can I send you a PM related to this post? Thank you!

  2. Hi FC:) You can send your message to I hope you love organic stuff, too:)

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