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Sounds weird, but it’s healthy!


Speculoos may not seem to be the right word to attract foodies, as it sounds more like a science terminology.  The truth is that it’s a delicious spread that recently made its entry to major supermarkets in the Philippines.

Many of us grew up on peanut butter.  This yummy gooey cream is after all perfect for breakfast, snacks and dessert; until Speculoos came along.

Speculoos is not only tastier than peanut butter but also healthier to one’s body.


Although peanut, the main ingredient of peanut butter, has some health benefits, it also triggers all sorts of ailments and skin disorders.

Eating a bowl of boiled peanuts can worsen acne, eczema, asthma, and arthritis in a week’s time.  Imagine then what a jar of peanut butter can do.

Speculoos is free of peanuts and all kinds of nuts for that matter.  It is made of purely ground Belgian gingerbread cookies.

What’s in a Belgian gingerbread cookie?  Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and all that other healthful spices mixed together to satisfy everyone’s palate and health requirements.

3 thoughts on “Sounds weird, but it’s healthy!

  1. wow! that looks good… sabihin ko nga sa amin na i-try yan…

  2. napakasarap nito Pot and it’s good for your family’s health. However, there are other Speculoos in the market, so check the logo before buying. Others contain nuts, but this one’s made of pure gingerbread cookies.

  3. gingerbread cookies.. tatandaan ko yan…

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