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Feeling Close to Japan


WHAT DOES A MOTHER DO when her daughter wants something badly?  Half the time, I give in to my Sonnet’s desires because they are not usually toys or other material possession.

My daughter just wants a new experience every time.  Here’s one that I’m writing about.

On the day I told Sonnet that my friend has invited me to watch her fashion show that was aptly entitled “Strange Beauty”, as it features fashion models garbed in beautiful eccentric outfits made of Japanese paper, Sonnet got so excited.  The word Japanese did it again!  Since becoming a Dragon Ball Z fan, Sonnet has been very passionate about Japanese artists, programs and fashion.  Her ultimate dream is to go to Japan someday so that she can learn the Japanese culture.

With Sonnet in tow, I went to SM Megamall yesterday to watch “Strange Beauty”, which was organized by Sinag Arts Foundation, Inc. in collaboration with SM Supermalls.  We arrived three hours earlier than the show’s schedule, so Sonnet and I decided to while away the time as we went around in search of something interesting.

On the fifth floor of the mall we spotted girls and boys all in colorful hair and outfits for the 8th TAGCOM, to the delight of Sonnet.  She immediately saw Tobi, a top villain in “Naruto”, but she was too shy to approach him.  Good thing the teenager in the Tobi costume noticed her, so she was able to have her photo taken with him.


Aside from the “Naruto” characters, we also saw a replica of the characters in “Gj-bu”.  Ghost Rider and Motoko-something was also around.  Overwhelmed by the numerous cosplayers present at the TAGCOM, Sonnet only had her picture taken with the quiet ones.  Loud and aggressive people always turn her away.

From TAGCOM we want back to the venue of “Strange Beauty” where we caught sight of a model dressed in a creation inspired by a bamboo tree.  As she walked around, her arms waved gently in the air as though she was floating.  Everyone in the audience was encouraged to write his wish on a piece of paper and hang it on the model’s ‘branches’ for it to come true.


The bamboo lady continued roaming around the venue while everyone in the audience had a scrumptious meal courtesy of Kitchitora.  After that delicious Japanese buffet, all eyes focused on the fashion hall’s stage as graceful models in unique creations, each with a story to tell, approached the catwalk.

Sonnet watched them in amazement.  I will never forget the look in her eyes.  Every time she catches me staring at her, she would simply offer her usual sweet smile.

That smile was enough to let me know that I did more than just grant her heart’s wish.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Close to Japan

  1. you should also go to the yearly TOYCON. it happens around June every year. 😀

  2. thanks for sharing that info Cheesecake:) i wish Goku will be present tthere. He was not at the tagcom.

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