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11 Signs You’re Extremely Happy at Work

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Genuine happiness at work cannot be conveyed in words. It goes beyond what one feels when he receives his pay cheque, when a coveted project falls into his lap, or when he gets a new title.

Happiness that stems from these events, and others similar to them, eventually wanes, I noticed.

The details of what seemed to be a milestone in your life suddenly turn unimportant, if not microscopic, when you start to feel a strange kind of happiness at work.

Talking about the feeling won’t suffice, but observing how it has changed your everyday habits will clue you in on the positive effects your job has on you.

This is supposed to be a short one, so here are 11 signs you’re extremely happy at work.

  1. You don’t use work as an excuse for not exercising.
  2. You look forward to Monday.
  3. You know that there’s always a new way to improve your output.
  4. You’re gradually losing your addiction to your games console.
  5. You forgot your Facebook password four times and don’t feel pressured to reset it.
  6. You look forward to speaking with your bosses and teammates.
  7. New knowledge and skills come to you effortlessly.
  8. You sleep soundly at night.
  9. You cook and eat healthy food every day.
  10. You feel the urge to endorse all of your contacts on LinkedIn.
  11. It’s been over a year since you saw the Lego movie, but its theme song continues to linger in your head.

Perhaps, like genuine love or a permanent cure of a long-standing illness, happiness at work comes as a result of patience, determination and sincerity.

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