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Accidental Toughie

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Like the epicarp of some fruits, there are people that appear soft on the outside but are actually tough on the inside.

Having a gentle if not harmless appearance has its advantages.

No need to argue on that premise; you can base it on personal experience or observation.

In a roomful of people where only two seats are available, would you sit next to a person who’s kind of suspicious rather than one who looks pleasant and innocent?

I knew you’d go for the latter.

Oftentimes, though, looking friendly, approachable and (again) harmless could result in more danger than bliss.

Scumbags walking the earth have the audacity to see the pleasant and unassuming folk as an easy target.

However, society’s softies can protect themselves from these scums if they’re physically, mentally and emotionally prepared.

muay thai room

That explains how my daughter got me to enroll her in mixed martial arts class which accidentally revealed the toughie in her.

Jiu Jitsu sparring

I had the chance to see her in class yesterday and realized, watching her throw punches and kicks, it was worthwhile.

As she and the other kids performed different self-defense techniques, the skills coaches would constantly remind them these are only to be used when the situation calls for it.

Aside from basic Muay Thai, Judo and Jiu Jitsu moves, my daughter learned that exercising self-control and being quick-witted at the same time will keep her off trouble.

Now I couldn’t care less what people think of my little girl, much less say about her.

I cannot change her soft features and reserved demeanor, but the lessons and skills that she has learned from her chosen sport will surely keep the opportunists and sleazeballs at bay.






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