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JOURNEY through my life and thoughts that are always a mixture of bright and vague hues. No subject in life is too trivial to discuss, it’s the effect it creates in your life that matters. Everything here does to me.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. that is so true. the outcome of what we write in here matters…. napadaan lang but i think i’ll be reading more of your interesting entries. Sonnet is lucky to have you as a parent. 🙂

  2. Hello ifoundme:) thank you for dropping by the haven:) I’ll get your link and check you out, too. Thank you for the compliment:)

  3. Hello po. Pareho pala tayong nagsusulat sa Pinoy Gazette at pareho ring kasali sa WPP. 🙂

  4. Hi there Ederic:) Ang galing ah, kaninang umaga lang nandito ka sa office di ba? Pinakilala ka ni Tim sa amin hehe:)

  5. Ay, isa pala kayo sa kanila. Malabo na talaga ang mga mata ko. :p

  6. In Progression 3: ODD TIMES
    When : Sept. 26, 2008
    Where: 9mile bar (Kalayaan, Cubao)
    Ticket: P100.00 w/ free beer

    Gate opens 9pm
    Band Performers:
    Drastic Measure
    Nimbus Crowd
    Kitchen Sync (From Baguio)
    Thought Prison (They were in In Prog2)

    Please spread the word! The poster will be posted here as soon as it is done. for now let’s all do text brigades and email, thread, ym etc. advertisements.
    Let’s support this event in preparation for a bigger and more exciting event by the end of the year!

    -Pinoy Prog Community-

  7. aba mare bago ang itsura ng blog natin ah. mabuhay sa iyo diyan!

  8. Hehehe:) Kasi we’re starting to blog to promote our clients, mareng hoshi. Ginawan kami ng kanya-kanyang blog ng boss namin so we could discuss more freely about our clients. So while in the process of working on my new blog, naisipan kong baguhin din ang theme ng sonnetshaven hehehe:) Miss ko na kayo mare. Pag kuha ko 13th month, kain tayo ice cream:)

  9. new look!! hehehe.
    is there something cooking ba sonnetshaven>? hehehe.

  10. New look kasi new job din GMAC, hehehe:) So much is actually cooking, nasusunog na nga ang iba sa dami ng nangyayari these past days. It’s getting more and more exciting though:) By the way, for today I’m using your blog as specimen B sa aming blog discussion ha? I was tasked by our boss kasi to assist the other writers in setting up their blogs. We need it for link building:)

  11. uy wow thanks at sa akin napili mo. ehehhee. malamang specimen B is the worst by far. hahaha. kasi hanggang ngayon di ako makapagisip ng ilalagay ko. ahahaha.

    congrats nga pala sa new job! astig! hehehe. kung pede lang magpart time dito gagwin ko kaso lang bawal. hehehe.

  12. hiya sistah. Miss you! wazzup?

    Sonnet: Hello mare!!! Same here:) I miss reading your posts and blog hopping, pasilip-silip na lang ako these days coz I’m attending to a lot of things. It still concerns blogging, but work-related kaya tutok ako hehe:) I’ll see you and the other girls soon:)

  13. Hiya mare!

    I just wanna say good morning. Miss na kita, kaloka. Miss ko na rin makabasa ng mga malalaman at nakakatuwa na mga comment mo. Pero ganyan talaga, nasa adjustment period ka na naman e. So medio mahirap pagsabayin ang mag bagay-bagay. I just want to tell you that you are missed. 🙂

    And hey, I look forward to meeting you in person. It’s gonna be great, I’m sure!

    The other girlash, super busy din these days! Kaloka!

    Sonnet: Hi Sherma! I so miss you na rin pero take note, I still check on your blog:) Hindi nga lang nagko-comment kasi ang bilis ng oras. Everything seems so fast for me these days. Fast but fun. By next month, I hope I’ve normalized myself already. I’ve set up my other blog already, it’s But you might not find it interesting kasi work-related yon hehe:) See you soon, mare:)

  14. Hi, i saw your blog about Ondoy and how you were affected. I hope and your family are all okay now.

    The reason i sent you a message is to ask you about Villarica Subdivision. you told in your blog that you lived there. Someone is offering us to buy a house in Villarica and i just want to really check if it is prone to flood or it only floods during the likes of Ondoy typhoon.

    I appreciate to hear any information from you about the place. Thanks in advance. God bless.


  15. Hello Julie. Please don’t consider the house in Villarica. Prior to the Ondoy storm, we have experienced knee-deep floods many times in Villarica. Take bagyong Frank for instance. The water inside our house was knee-deep but outside it was up to my thighs. Even though there is no storm, the place gets flooded so easily that’s why while we were still living there, we would always pray that it never rains. I used to love the rain but my two-year stay in Villarica has traumatized our entire family a great deal. During Ondoy, the water reached seven feet covering the entire first floor of our house. Only three more steps to the second floor and we’re doomed! Look somewhere else, it’s better to be safe than sorry later. Have a nice day and keep safe. It’s the rainy season again so be constantly armed with protection.

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