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11 Signs You’re Extremely Happy at Work

Genuine happiness at work cannot be conveyed in words. It goes beyond what one feels when he receives his pay cheque, when a coveted project falls into his lap, or when he gets a new title.

Happiness that stems from these events, and others similar to them, eventually wanes, I noticed.

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The Pain of Communication

I miss my youth and those days when communicating with my parents, brother, and friends was so easy.

It’s when I started writing professionally that I realized communicating with the world outside my own won’t be easy.  I just don’t get why many people, especially in the corporate world, have the tendency to veer away from standard English when writing and speaking.  I understand that language evolves, but it does not mean we should forget its basic elements.  Unless one’s writing is targeted towards a specific group of individuals,  I don’t see the need for fancy words.

Aside from misused highfalutin English words in documents, articles, and newsletters, among others, phone calls and e-mails these days abound with inappropriate expressions.

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Taking Control of My Life

We work to live, at least this is what I do.  I refuse to allow work to hinder me from living my life, so once it starts doing just that, I throw it out of the window; like what Miss Trunchbull does to her students in the 90s movie, Matilda.

Your work should bring forth a feeling of accomplishment, not a life that is full of stress.

To avoid throwing away work, those people who are looking for a job should know what they want.  Meanwhile, employers should stick to the deal and avoid trapping their employees into something that is not stipulated in their contracts.

Choosing a job is like cooking.  You don’t prepare something that you do not plan to eat, right?  When I say I want to eat mixed vegetables sauteed in extra virgin olive oil, trust that I will finish the dish.


When I told my boss I quit, while she was explaining the week’s tasks, I meant it.

After submitting my formal resignation letter, I erased everything related to my previous job so that I can start my goal for the year: to organize my financial portfolio.

I used to associate my newfound passion with older people, such as those in their 50s and 60s; until I realized that most of the people I know, who are financially okay, are in their early 20s, I realized they must be doing the right thing.

So, here I am finally doing the right thing, too.



LIKE a child who’s set foot on a playground for the first time is how I describe myself at the moment. I’m experiencing a lot of new things and I love the fact that I’m learning something of importance every single day.

All the more do I understand my daughter now because we’re both on the same page. While she’s working on her ABC’s and nursery rhymes, I’m basking in a new work atmosphere. It always feels good to be around people with healthy minds and by that I mean open to new ideas and improvement.

Writing should be fun and fulfilling. Although it also falls under the category of profession, I still perceive it as an exciting activity more than a chore. Love, death, anguish, angst, sun, rain, flowers, trees, cartoons, movies, music, people, gods, gadgets, are just among the many things that trigger one to slump on his computer chair and pound on his keyboard until he finally gets his feelings and thoughts accurately out on that piece of while sheet on the computer monitor through rich text.

In my case, all it takes is contentment and a happy disposition for me to write monumental articles at work. Good thing that I have both now.


Shelf life

FOOD and other perishable items would come to mind whenever I hear and see the word “shelf life.” My perception of the word, however, changed after conducting an interview with the sweet and friendly DJ Kelly of 103.5 MAX FM.

In our 45-minute conversation, I asked Kelly what prompted her to get into radio and what kept her there for 15 long years. She shared her account and listening to it, I noticed she would always give herself only five years to work in a company.

“See my shelf life is five years. In five years, you would have done everything. You would have interviewed anyone.”

Those were the exact words of Kelly who has worked in five different radio stations. As I recall what she said, I can’t help but wonder what I’d probably be writing about by now had I set a time frame for my writing career, too. While a lot of my friends would jump ship whenever they feel like it, it took me eight years to leave my previous job where all I did was write about the activities and lives of showbiz personalities. It became my comfort zone and it’s only when I finally left that I realized I’ve been missing out on a lot of more exciting writing avenues.

If having a shelf life in one’s career is important then I guess I’m an expired commodity.

Aside from one’s career, where else can one apply the term shelf life? Is it appropriate for relationships? Let’s say you’ve been going out with your guy for five years already and in that span of time not once did he pop the question, are you staying or leaving?

Ahh… Don’t mind the paragraph before this. I just wanted to move away from the topic of career so I shifted to another subject.

It’s been about shifting gears for me this past week. I think I’m just having that HCH Syndrome again.


It’s not just the twang

I’VE been attracting call centers as of late and asked to grace their office for an interview but before giving in my staple question would always be, “For which post do you want me?” and I”d always get this response: “Call center agent.” This ends the conversation.

I have nothing against call center agents. Matter of fact, my brother used to work in one of the pioneers in the call center industry. I still recall his American accent and how he would correct me whenever I would pronounce an English word incorrectly. My defense would be, “I speak Filipino English not American English” although I know that didn’t make sense. English will always be English and Filipino is Filipino, right?

To hear my brother speak with that twang while on the phone always awed me but it never inspired me to get into the kind of job as his. I even thought of it as a difficult one. I understand that we’re both designed for different jobs that’s why I never yearned to be in his shoes and he’s never thought of writing as an exciting task.

So when I received a call from another call center last night, I had no worries about leaving my sleeping baby for awhile in the bedroom because I knew the talk won’t take long. However, I was surprised when the person on the other line offered me a job I find really interesting. After putting down the handset, I gave our conversation a long good thought. I don’t discount my current job so I have to weigh things very well before coming up with a final decision.

I just realized that call centers have a lot to offer, too. When my brother was still working in one, I would always hear terms such as agent, team leader and the like. I never thought there’s room for those in the writing profession such as myself.


HCH Syndrome

THERE have been occasions in my life I couldn’t get a clear idea down on my sheet. Experts call this dilemma writer’s block which purpose of creation I never understood. It’s a good thing this disease doesn’t linger for days. After an hour or two, I would be back on work mode and I’m proud to say that I always submit my piece in time for our paper’s deadline.

That was the case until this week came into the picture. The moment I turned on my computer last Tuesday, I knew right away that I didn’t want to write. It was not because I was burned out due to the previous deadline. As a matter of fact, my entire system was still all revved up for any project that’s waiting to be accomplished.

It really had nothing to do with my mood but everything about interest. Suddenly, I found myself envious of my husband for being able to do what he enjoys doing. He does concepts and designs for print ads which come out in a widely circulated paper in the U.S.A, Charlotte Observer. How I thirsted for his knowledge in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and other programs required in the field of graphic design. I even requested our IT department to install InDesign in my computer which they immediately granted.

When I could no longer hold back my desire to learn in-depth print design, I confessed this HCH (Having a Change of Heart) Syndrome I’m going through to Johnson, my husband. I told him that I’m tired of writing about things, people, Pinoy TV shows, and that I would rather describe them through images. Fortunately, he took it in positively. He even shared links related to InDesign tutorials so that I could easily grasp the subject.

However, even with all those tutorials piled in my hard drive, I still turned into a nuisance to the graphic artists in our office because I would constantly ask them about the function of each tool displayed on the tool bar. I realized InDesign is a lot more difficult than Word and Notepad, programs which are commonly used by writers.

But I’m not about to give up on this brand new dream. Not just yet. As a matter of fact, I posted on this entry samples of my initial effort. By the way, if you’re health conscious, you can purchase this pure VCO (Take note, it’s pure virgin coconut oil not mere extract) from me.