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Feeling Close to Japan

WHAT DOES A MOTHER DO when her daughter wants something badly?  Half the time, I give in to my Sonnet’s desires because they are not usually toys or other material possession.

My daughter just wants a new experience every time.  Here’s one that I’m writing about.

On the day I told Sonnet that my friend has invited me to watch her fashion show that was aptly entitled “Strange Beauty”, as it features fashion models garbed in beautiful eccentric outfits made of Japanese paper, Sonnet got so excited.  The word Japanese did it again!  Since becoming a Dragon Ball Z fan, Sonnet has been very passionate about Japanese artists, programs and fashion.  Her ultimate dream is to go to Japan someday so that she can learn the Japanese culture.

With Sonnet in tow, I went to SM Megamall yesterday to watch “Strange Beauty”, which was organized by Sinag Arts Foundation, Inc. in collaboration with SM Supermalls.  We arrived three hours earlier than the show’s schedule, so Sonnet and I decided to while away the time as we went around in search of something interesting.

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Authentic or Fake?

A week before Christmas my husband and I were busy preparing for our first Christmas bazaar.  The idea of putting out our wares, and displaying them for all to see and buy, gave us an exhilarating feeling!

Our T-shirt printing business focuses primarily on individuals and small companies that require customized shirts in bulk. Our negotiation with clients oftentimes takes place on the phone or Skype; sometimes our favorite patrons come to visit us (thank you for always dropping by Mama and Papa!).

The day my cousin asked me if I wanted to display some nice shirts in her Christmas booth, for she won’t be able to sell her famous organic oils due to her taping schedule for a new TV show, I felt excited and nervous at the same time.

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Knitting for Love

Who has not worn crochet tops and shawls?  Practically every woman in my family has because my Mama Love has a perpetual fascination for crochet.

Mama Love, my grandmother on my father’s side, has been doing crochet hats, frocks, coasters, mantles, duvets, and shawls among others since time immemorial.  When I was a little girl, I would always watch her work with her crochet hook and yarn.  If she’s not busy with crochet, she’s actually talking about it.


Mama Love can finish a crochet piece in just a couple of hours, while it took me a month to finish a single crochet pillow case for a high school project.  Because my parents were office employees when my brother and I were still kids, we were often left in Mama Love’s care.  I miss those days when all I did was watch Mama cook in her spacious kitchen; or sew a party dress, duster, or new pajamas for me.

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