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Performing Ice Cream Laboratory Experiments

Ice cream is delicious when eaten fresh — not fresh from a bucket or can, but freshly made just for a single cup.

Mango Cream Pie of Ice Cream Laboratory, Mango Cream Pie, Ice Cream Laboratory

My sweet Sonnet had been to the Ice Cream Laboratory last week to try its heavenly ice cream formula called Death by Chocolate.

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Feeling Close to Japan

WHAT DOES A MOTHER DO when her daughter wants something badly?  Half the time, I give in to my Sonnet’s desires because they are not usually toys or other material possession.

My daughter just wants a new experience every time.  Here’s one that I’m writing about.

On the day I told Sonnet that my friend has invited me to watch her fashion show that was aptly entitled “Strange Beauty”, as it features fashion models garbed in beautiful eccentric outfits made of Japanese paper, Sonnet got so excited.  The word Japanese did it again!  Since becoming a Dragon Ball Z fan, Sonnet has been very passionate about Japanese artists, programs and fashion.  Her ultimate dream is to go to Japan someday so that she can learn the Japanese culture.

With Sonnet in tow, I went to SM Megamall yesterday to watch “Strange Beauty”, which was organized by Sinag Arts Foundation, Inc. in collaboration with SM Supermalls.  We arrived three hours earlier than the show’s schedule, so Sonnet and I decided to while away the time as we went around in search of something interesting.

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The Look in Grandma’s Eyes


Photo by Jef Valdez

Sometimes, a picture is all that you need to get the message of a story.  I prefer not to write anything about the one above so that you can create your own plot.  Why is the grandmother staring at her granddaughter as the latter takes a bite on her Big Mac?

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Sonnet’s Period of Adjustment

Sonnet: Mama, I miss my old school

Me: Why? It’s been three months, don’t you like your new school?

Sonnet: Kids there are less naughty than the ones in my school now.

Me: Who do you miss most?

Sonnet: All of them.

She’s only five but this conversation made me realize that my daughter is old enough to make choices and this reality tinged me with guilt.

I plucked Sonnet out of her old school that limits per classroom to five or 10 students because I felt that she has limited choices in that school.  In her new school, she gets to interact with 19 kids in the classroom and I think this would be healthier for her since she is the only child in our family.

Sonnet’s enthusiasm for learning continued in her new school where she was accelerated to Grade I.  I told the principal that my baby is only five and she’s supposed to be in Kinder II but the head of the school explained to me that my little girl aced the assessment test so she’s joining the Grade I class.

Although proud of my Sonnet’s accomplishment, I was fearful that she might not be able to get along with the older kids.  But she got along fine with everybody.

That was what I had in mind until she initiated the above conversation. It dawned on me that my daughter’s mind is starting to work independently and that I should respect her feelings and opinions.

Though definitely far from being a grown-up, Sonnet is currently sifting all the pieces of information in her life and starting to make preferences. All I can do is support her in this process.




Motherhood taught me…

As Mother’s Day gets nearer, I can’t help but reflect on the things I learned since becoming a mother. Some of these things I learned from my mama many years ago but back then, I was too young to understand them. Some, I learned by experiencing it myself.

Motherhood, they say, is not easy. I agree. It takes a lot of patience, effort and creativity. But on the other hand, motherhood opened my eyes, mind and heart to so many wonderful realities in life which I didn’t see (or refused to see) as a single woman.

Below is a list of those things which I learned since Sonnet came into my life.

1. To sleep shallowly. Any moment your baby gets hungry or wants her nappy changed, you should be up and about right away.

2. To use cotton nappies and stainless clips. A baby’s skin is very sensitive so you have to alternate the use of disposable nappies and cotton otherwise your baby would be the breeding ground of rashes.

3. To feed my baby not according to the book but according to her demands. If the book says feed her every 4 hours but baby gets hungry every two hours, hell with the book!

4. That a baby is a good listener. You could talk all day to a baby and she’ll stare at you in awe. Adults like arguments and debates.

5. That a baby has a naturally sweet scent. Adults need to spray a bottle or can of perfume all over their bodies to achieve a pleasant odor.

6. That babies are sophisticated music lovers. They listen to Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Verdi, Schubert peacefully with their eyes closed. They don’t bang their heads like a crazy dog or go grinding their bodies like worms.

7. That a baby’s smile takes you instantly to heaven

8. That a baby cries even when she’s not hungry or wet. She just needs a warm hug and lots of kisses.

9. That babies understand the definition of “No” and “Yes” (even when they can’t talk straight yet).

10. That I can afford to come in late at work but I feel like a loser when I fail to catch my baby awake at night. That’s why I hurry home everyday. Nothing equates to the feeling I get from seeing and holding my baby.