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Accidental Toughie

Like the epicarp of some fruits, there are people that appear soft on the outside but are actually tough on the inside.

Having a gentle if not harmless appearance has its advantages.

No need to argue on that premise; you can base it on personal experience or observation.

In a roomful of people where only two seats are available, would you sit next to a person who’s kind of suspicious rather than one who looks pleasant and innocent?

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Craving for Fried Food?

Since starting my macrobiotic diet, I have religiously stayed away from fried food.  One day, though, I tried something different.

Mama paid me a visit and brought some uncooked spring rolls.  She said they contain carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, and ginger.  I would normally eat vegan spring rolls fresh or steamed because this is always the best way to eat spring rolls.  Then I remembered that Sonnet told me earlier that day that one of her classmates had let her taste something during lunch period in school; crunchy and juicy were the adjectives she used to describe the dish.

That made me feel slightly guilty because I realized that I have been depriving my daughter of food that other kids would just eat on a daily basis.  I realized that it won’t hurt to give her some fried food once in a while, and I can make this possible without palm oil or vegetable oil — the culprits of arterial diseases.

I drizzled the pan with some olive oil before heating it.  Next, I placed the spring rolls in the pan to fry for two minutes.  Aside from its aroma, which palm and vegetable oils are devoid of, olive oil has so many health benefits.   It’s rich with antioxidants that protect the skin from all possible toxins.  It also retains moisture in the skin, thus keeping it soft and supple.

Regular use of olive oil will also prevent all types of cancer.

Aside from all of its health benefits, olive oil makes for excellent fried food; so, why settle for unhealthy oils?


Pampers Discomfort

I AM a nonbeliever of TV commercials. I actually don’t appreciate products which are sold via well-thought-of tag lines and flawless models. It doesn’t mean though that I don’t respect people who work in advertising firms. Truth of the matter is I respect their work, which stems from a series of brainstorms practically held nightly, grueling hours of working on a campaign to perfection and a convincing power that has been proven effective in order to get the client’s nod.

I really have high respects for advertising folks since my father used to work as a creative director for various advertising agencies in the country. As early as grade school, he has shared with me all the deceiving tactics of advertising but despite that, I still managed to see the reason to respect people who move in this industry.

But now, I abhor TV commercials! I refuse to admit that I fell victim to a TV ad but it happened last weekend. While shopping for baby stuff, my husband and I stumbled on this well-known diaper brand, Pampers Comfort. It’s famous right? I could hardly count the moms out there who use this brand of diaper on their babies. Though I’ve never tried it on my baby yet, my Switee and I agreed to buy it since we wanted to try another brand that is cheaper in price but still made of good quality. Besides, the product’s TV ad said it has an extra layer which prevents leaking. More than that, I have to admit the line “Save P16” visible on the product’s label is what really caught me. It is, indeed, a lot cheaper than my little girl’s usual diaper brand.

We were happy after having purchased a pack of 12 only to realize later in the evening that this Pampers Comfort was a fake. See, we had to constantly change Sonnet’s nappy after an hour and a half! Ok, two hours then but that’s still too much. My Sonnet woke up crying, pointing to her nappy and when I touched her behind she was soaking in her own urine. This has never happened before when she was still using the former brand (which is Drypers, by the way. I have the freedom and pride to mention it because it didn’t cause us any trouble).

Sonnet consumed a total of five pieces of Pampers overnight. Is that reasonable or nuts? At noon the following day, my husband passed by my office and told me to buy a set of diapers before going home because there’s only one piece of Pampers left in Sonnet’s drawer.

What fool am I. We may have bought this Pamper’s Comfort for P78 and saved on P16 but since it was consumed in just one day, then that means we spent more. I realized, we were fooled by the product and its TV ad. I know advertising is just like any business but I do hope those in this field could be more considerate of the welfare of consumers out there.

I have actually recorded in my notebook the number of times I’ve changed Sonnet’s nappies that fateful Sunday evening. I can’t believe the wise and thrifty me was fooled by a product of poor quality. Now, I trust the words of my father that people who say they are satisfied with a product of poor quality are just trying to console themselves because they know in their hearts that they’ve spent on trash.