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Performing Ice Cream Laboratory Experiments

Ice cream is delicious when eaten fresh — not fresh from a bucket or can, but freshly made just for a single cup.

Mango Cream Pie of Ice Cream Laboratory, Mango Cream Pie, Ice Cream Laboratory

My sweet Sonnet had been to the Ice Cream Laboratory last week to try its heavenly ice cream formula called Death by Chocolate.

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Authentic or Fake?

A week before Christmas my husband and I were busy preparing for our first Christmas bazaar.  The idea of putting out our wares, and displaying them for all to see and buy, gave us an exhilarating feeling!

Our T-shirt printing business focuses primarily on individuals and small companies that require customized shirts in bulk. Our negotiation with clients oftentimes takes place on the phone or Skype; sometimes our favorite patrons come to visit us (thank you for always dropping by Mama and Papa!).

The day my cousin asked me if I wanted to display some nice shirts in her Christmas booth, for she won’t be able to sell her famous organic oils due to her taping schedule for a new TV show, I felt excited and nervous at the same time.

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Ignorance Will Kill You

I have a strong repugnance for politics, whether local or foreign.  There was never a time that I felt enthusiasm for the government’s activities, though I am a regular newspaper reader.

There is a difference between absorbing news and simply reading it.  I do the latter for information about politics.

My family is not partial to any leader, though there have been occasions in the past when they have discussed the good deeds of certain officials.  Unlike most people, we do not consider the track record of a family in governance as gauge of its ability to lead the country.

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Knitting for Love

Who has not worn crochet tops and shawls?  Practically every woman in my family has because my Mama Love has a perpetual fascination for crochet.

Mama Love, my grandmother on my father’s side, has been doing crochet hats, frocks, coasters, mantles, duvets, and shawls among others since time immemorial.  When I was a little girl, I would always watch her work with her crochet hook and yarn.  If she’s not busy with crochet, she’s actually talking about it.


Mama Love can finish a crochet piece in just a couple of hours, while it took me a month to finish a single crochet pillow case for a high school project.  Because my parents were office employees when my brother and I were still kids, we were often left in Mama Love’s care.  I miss those days when all I did was watch Mama cook in her spacious kitchen; or sew a party dress, duster, or new pajamas for me.

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Sweet Mango Smoothie…or Maybe Sour?

Happy 2013!

T-shirt printing and packing kept hubby and I busy three months before Christmas.  One week before 2013 shoved 2012 out of the way, we were able to finish the last batch of the orders.

So, in the morning of Jan. 1, 2013 we did nothing but laze around, as Sonnet decided to spend the day with her favorite cousin, Gav, and her grandparents, who are my parents.

Jon and I, on the other hand, just had a mango smoothie in lieu of the santol smoothie, which I initially had in mind. It was one of those rare mornings that we did not want to miss, so instead of going to the market to buy ourselves the santols that we have been craving for since the night before, we decided to settle for a green mango smoothie.


Our mangoes’ peel was green, so we were expecting a refreshing drink, albeit sour.  I was halfway through peeling the first mango when I noticed  its golden yellow flesh.  I told Jon I have a hunch that we’ll be having ripe mangoes.  When I was done peeling the first mango, which had no tinge of green, I proceeded with the two others.

When the three, big, warm yellow mangoes were finally lying bare on the chopping board in front of me, I asked Jon if a glass of sweet mango smoothie would be all right since we obviously don’t have green mangoes.  He said yes, so I tossed the slices of mangoes into the blender and watched them start a swirling motion.

After a few minutes, Jon and I sipped our sweet mango smoothie…and to our astonishment, it was sour!

Oh well, we agreed that 2013 is sure going to be a year of surprises:)


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Angry Birds vs. Super Mario Bros.

I have always considered mushroom a wonderful substitute for meat.  I remember my mother used to bring home barbecue mushroom when my brother and I were still kids.  The first time I tasted it, I liked it instantly and so did my big brother — until he realized that it wasn’t pork but mushroom.

That restaurant from which my mama would order barbecue mushroom has an amazing way of changing the texture of vegetables into that of meat.  According to the restaurant owner, this is their way of enticing carnivorous people to eat vegetables; which is good  for one’s body.

Perhaps my love for mushroom is the reason I got addicted to Super Mario Bros., a popular Nintendo game during the 90s.  In this video game, all  Mario and Luigi needed to grow is a single mushroom.  It’s also this vegetable that keeps them alive; the more mushrooms they have, the longer they live.

The addiction of today’s kids to Angry Birds best describes my obsession with Super Mario Bros. when I was in elementary, or I think that was high school.  Honestly, though, I do not see the thrill in playing Angry Birds so I refuse to compare it with my all-time favorite video game.

Sonnet loves Super Mario, too:)

First of all, the angry birds are shooting the pigs that stole their eggs from just one location.  In Super Mario, both brothers collect mushrooms to earn lives and grow, walk through water pipes, stomp Goombas and punch Koopa Turtles underground, defeat more Goombas and Koopa Paratroopa aboveground, climb a long stairway where they can get 100 lives out of banging a Koopa Turtle’s shell against one of the steps, and kill a horrifying dragon before saving Princess Peach.

In other words, Super Mario Bros. is full of action, so playing Angry Birds is synonymous with listening to my Sonnet’s lullabies on Baby TV.

Besides, I wouldn’t kill for eggs that are heavy in cholesterol, that trigger inflammation, and are usually bad for the heart.  I’d rather harvest mushrooms and preserve my life.  Health matters even in video games.

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Hubby Wears His Game

Last week was so different.  My work load was not as heavy as it should be so I had the opportunity to observe my husband while he was at work.

Aside from being a nine-to-fiver, Jon has a T-shirt printing business which serves as his personal outlet for his untapped creativity.  It’s not that he is being held from expressing his creativity when he is in the office except that there is a limitation because his output there should always meet the requirements of the company’s clients.

Jon would often compare office work with formal parties where it is necessary to control his appetite while T-shirt printing with home for he can have as much of our home-cooked meals without having to think of what other people might say.

Since last work week was not so busy for me, I was able to see the entire process of T-shirt printing from creating the first draft of a design up to pulling the merchandise out from under the massive iron.  Seeing how Jon painstakingly works on the elaborate designs made me appreciate the people who are in the same business more.

Designing his favorite PC game for a customer.

Most of the requests lean towards computer games and their famous characters so there were many of these last week but on other days, I see Jon churning Disney characters, Nickelodeon and the like.  Meanwhile, some people prefer personalized designs.

I remember how I would pressure Jon to start my macrobiotic T-shirt few weeks ago thinking it can be done in just five minutes or 10.  He told me that he has to come up with a good design, something unique that would fit my advocacy.

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