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Authentic or Fake?

A week before Christmas my husband and I were busy preparing for our first Christmas bazaar.  The idea of putting out our wares, and displaying them for all to see and buy, gave us an exhilarating feeling!

Our T-shirt printing business focuses primarily on individuals and small companies that require customized shirts in bulk. Our negotiation with clients oftentimes takes place on the phone or Skype; sometimes our favorite patrons come to visit us (thank you for always dropping by Mama and Papa!).

The day my cousin asked me if I wanted to display some nice shirts in her Christmas booth, for she won’t be able to sell her famous organic oils due to her taping schedule for a new TV show, I felt excited and nervous at the same time.

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The Look in Grandma’s Eyes


Photo by Jef Valdez

Sometimes, a picture is all that you need to get the message of a story.  I prefer not to write anything about the one above so that you can create your own plot.  Why is the grandmother staring at her granddaughter as the latter takes a bite on her Big Mac?


Heaven’s Oils

On the subject of health, organic products do not only refer to food but to everything you apply on your body. 

After removing processed meat, palm oil, white bread, and sodium from my diet last year, I stopped using the cortisone cream, clobetasol anti-inflammatory cream, and hydrating lotions that were prescribed by my dermatologist.  I cleared all of these out of my bathroom because they are useless.

Physiogel, Cetaphil, Atopiclair, name any anti eczema product and I’ll tell you point-blank that I’ve tried that brand already; unfortunately none of them has worked for me.

What worked for me are organic oils that were made from pure plant extractions.  These are Planet Noah’s Oasis Soothing Baby Oil and Itcho’s Oil from All Organics.  I am skeptical about trying new skin products because of my skin’s sensitivity.  Although I instantly liked what’s written on the label of Oasis, I didn’t want to wind up regretting buying it.

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The Pain of Communication

I miss my youth and those days when communicating with my parents, brother, and friends was so easy.

It’s when I started writing professionally that I realized communicating with the world outside my own won’t be easy.  I just don’t get why many people, especially in the corporate world, have the tendency to veer away from standard English when writing and speaking.  I understand that language evolves, but it does not mean we should forget its basic elements.  Unless one’s writing is targeted towards a specific group of individuals,  I don’t see the need for fancy words.

Aside from misused highfalutin English words in documents, articles, and newsletters, among others, phone calls and e-mails these days abound with inappropriate expressions.

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Silvanas Helped Keep My Composure

Sleeping time is normally with my Sonnet, but tonight she chose to sleep in Mama Lou and Papa Jeff’s condo unit because Gav, her cousin – and not just any cousin but her favorite cousin – is there for the summer break.

Being alone, as my Sweetie had gone off to work early for a meeting with his team, I did my usual activities.  These activities included organizing my closet and Jon’s as well, changing Sonnet’s bedding, reading, and a bit of Facebooking.

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Are You a Threat to Nature?

I opted for macrobiotic because I wanted to be healthier.  Little did I know that changing my diet has reduced the number of nature’s killers. This link from a selfless person that I follow on Twitter broke my heart.

I respect people who eat animals, but I hope they would only patronize meat products from merchants who treat their animal produce humanely.  Animals should not be tortured just for human consumption.

Why did Jesus Christ eat fish and bread during his life?  Why did he teach his disciples to fish instead of how to slaughter a pig or cow?  Because food is meant to nourish, not to cause pain to others.


Mama Lou’s tuna macaroni with black olives.

Macrobiotic experts believe that you don’t have to overstuff your stomach to be satisfied.  And I strongly believe in this because overstuffing is, after all, another term for gluttony.

I just wish everyone stays healthy without feeling absolute disregard for the welfare of other living things.

Enjoy your meal!


Ignorance Will Kill You

I have a strong repugnance for politics, whether local or foreign.  There was never a time that I felt enthusiasm for the government’s activities, though I am a regular newspaper reader.

There is a difference between absorbing news and simply reading it.  I do the latter for information about politics.

My family is not partial to any leader, though there have been occasions in the past when they have discussed the good deeds of certain officials.  Unlike most people, we do not consider the track record of a family in governance as gauge of its ability to lead the country.

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