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A stroll along Coroflot

Since stumbling on Coroflot, a site for people who are innately creative and desire to make money out of their creativity and dream job, I’ve been basking in updating my CV in my Coroflot account which has been installed a few hours ago.

Coroflot is like a one-stop shop that offers a wide array of jobs in all countries and all you have to do is pick your choice (or choices) and wait to be contacted. Aside from this, I discovered the site also houses interesting groups whch you can toss your membership into if you think you share the same stuff with its members.


There’s a group for artists, another for 3D masters and film makers, one for fashion and interior designers, a nook for creative writers, and the list goes on.

What’s more, the site offers you the privilege of expanding your network.

There’s still hope, after all, for me and my dream job.