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Are You a Threat to Nature?

I opted for macrobiotic because I wanted to be healthier.  Little did I know that changing my diet has reduced the number of nature’s killers. This link from a selfless person that I follow on Twitter broke my heart.

I respect people who eat animals, but I hope they would only patronize meat products from merchants who treat their animal produce humanely.  Animals should not be tortured just for human consumption.

Why did Jesus Christ eat fish and bread during his life?  Why did he teach his disciples to fish instead of how to slaughter a pig or cow?  Because food is meant to nourish, not to cause pain to others.


Mama Lou’s tuna macaroni with black olives.

Macrobiotic experts believe that you don’t have to overstuff your stomach to be satisfied.  And I strongly believe in this because overstuffing is, after all, another term for gluttony.

I just wish everyone stays healthy without feeling absolute disregard for the welfare of other living things.

Enjoy your meal!


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Cancer Treatment in the Pantry

It was out of curiosity that I stopped by this small herbal store, whose products have reportedly cured so many people suffering life-threatening illnesses.  I got one leaflet from the storekeeper and headed home wondering if what I’m about to read isn’t something that I already know.

The truth is, I’ve heard a lot of stories about that herbal store from my father who is an aficionado of alternative medicine.  According to Papa, the owner of the store has challenged contemporary doctors to a showdown; their prescription drugs vs his herbal drinks, which have cured kidney diseases, cervical cancer, diabetes, leukemia, ulcer, heart diseases, insomnia, and tonsillitis among others.

Nobody took the challenge.

Just to feed my curiosity, I went over the leaflet to find out more about the store’s products.  To my surprise, practically all the ingredients that they use can be found in everybody’s kitchen or garden such as bitter gourd or ampalaya, black beans, broccoli, carrots, celery, cucumber, ginger, radish, apples, mangoes, oregano, papaya, Philippine lemon or calamansi, pineapple, red beans, pandan, it’s a long list I’m running out of breath.

All of the aforementioned ingredients are used by the manufacturer in their rawest form to maintain the good bacteria, which is believed to be the only thing that our bodies need to keep all types of diseases at bay.

In addition, the manufacturer of the herbal drinks stressed that cleaning your body organs will restore its functionality and strengthen your immune system.

After reading the entire leaflet it occurred to me that so many people are spending tens if not hundreds of thousands for the treatment of recurring health disorders when the fact is, the cure is just in their pantry.

One has to simply choose carefully what to cook and eat in order to feel and look healthy.