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11 Signs You’re Extremely Happy at Work

Genuine happiness at work cannot be conveyed in words. It goes beyond what one feels when he receives his pay cheque, when a coveted project falls into his lap, or when he gets a new title.

Happiness that stems from these events, and others similar to them, eventually wanes, I noticed.

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Aiming for Longevity

I just read an online article about a woman in Georgia who had just passed away.  She was 132.

In the comment box below that article, many readers agree that it is not the number of years a person lives that matters but how he lives his life.  It’s true but part of me wants to disagree, as I have yet to meet a person who wants to die tomorrow because he’s accomplished a good life already.

Having been to many a funeral  I have heard time and time again relatives and friends of the deceased say, “she’s too young to go,” “the accident took him too soon,” or “we are not prepared for this.”

Those words only prove that everybody aspires to attain longevity for himself and the people he loves.

I feel for women who spent nine months carrying their babies in their womb, only for these sweet angels to come out dead.  I feel for men and women who lost a parent, sibling, child, or friend to a chronic disease or for substance abuse. I feel for very young children, who are barely in their teens, but counting their days on earth because they have been medically diagnosed with an illness that could kill them anytime.

Most of us have probably heard our parents say at some point in our lives , “We want to live to see you succeed in your chosen career path” and our grandparents say, “We want to live to see our grandchildren.”  Unfortunately, not everybody gets to live to 90 or 100.

However, healthy people, especially those who claim to have good genes, are capable of stretching their years.  Being devoid of illness or disability does not give them the license to act irresponsibly because I know of gym regulars and athletes who ended up strapped on their beds.  How they ended up there can be traced to their lifestyle and all of its dangerous staples.

To ensure longevity, start eating healthy food.  Some items that fall under this category are fruits, vegetables (most especially members of the cruciferous group), wheat bread, brown rice, and don’t forget lots of water.  Get at least 7 hours of sleep,  do physical and mental exercises, and please spare yourself from worrying about trivial matters or issues that will only result in emotional distress.

A healthy lifestyle results in longevity.  So take this or suffer.



Finally, a space of my own. Initially, I had second thoughts about creating a blog. I thought of it as time consuming. How can I manage to maintain a blog if I’m constantly busy at work and at home?

There are so many demands in my life that often times, I do not know where to begin. I’m not accustomed to living the hurried kind of life even if that’s supposed to come with the nature of my job. I normally keep a list of activities so I always end my day having accomplished every task. I may be busy working from morning until early evening but I make it a point to drop everything by 7 or 8 to chill out with my friends. That was always imperative to me, no conditions. I must be far far away from the parameters of my job when night creeps in. I believe spending quality time to unwind keeps a person’s sanity.

Even if I stay up until 2 a.m. hanging out somewhere, I can get up early the next day to attend to a new set of responsibilities. My body clock works accurately, that’s why.

Boring? To some yes, but I enjoyed this arrangement because I don’t miss out on anything.

In December 2006, however, everything changed for me. From being the organized freak, I discovered I also possess the ability to work on things that come in the spur of the moment. Being married and having a tiny angel at home can bring wonders to a woman’s life. I used to feel uncomfortable in rooms that are topsy-turvy but since my daughter came into my life, I could care less if everything is in order.

I don’t throw a fit if I don’t get 7 hours of sleep for as long as my baby gets a peaceful trip to Wonderland every night, I’m cool with that. I don’t mind if my husband bugs me to watch a new DVD movie every time I am just about to start on a good book. It’s through movie viewing that we get to make up for long hours of separation due to the erratic schedule in our respective jobs.

Marriage and motherhood made clear to me that life doesn’t always have to be in harmony with order. I learned late in life, what can I do? Looking closely into what I have now, there is much beauty in a little chaotic environment.