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Are You a Threat to Nature?

I opted for macrobiotic because I wanted to be healthier.  Little did I know that changing my diet has reduced the number of nature’s killers. This link from a selfless person that I follow on Twitter broke my heart.

I respect people who eat animals, but I hope they would only patronize meat products from merchants who treat their animal produce humanely.  Animals should not be tortured just for human consumption.

Why did Jesus Christ eat fish and bread during his life?  Why did he teach his disciples to fish instead of how to slaughter a pig or cow?  Because food is meant to nourish, not to cause pain to others.


Mama Lou’s tuna macaroni with black olives.

Macrobiotic experts believe that you don’t have to overstuff your stomach to be satisfied.  And I strongly believe in this because overstuffing is, after all, another term for gluttony.

I just wish everyone stays healthy without feeling absolute disregard for the welfare of other living things.

Enjoy your meal!


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Health Benefits of My Favorite Food

Merriam Webster defines diet as “food and drink regularly provided or consumed.”  Although you can also define this word as eating and drinking sparingly to reduce weight, it would be unfair to stick only to this definition.

Macrobiotic diet has nothing to do with cutting off weight, at least for me, since I have never had weight problems.  I don’t know if this can be attributed to the nature of my work, or maybe to my parents who would constantly preach about the health benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Aside from getting rid of the eczema on my right hand, which is now completely gone, there is no other reason why I got into the macrobiotic diet.  This health care program helps prevent diseases that hinder the body from functioning normally.  Besides, I am one of the few people who refuse to take medicines and go to the doctor.  Truth is, I can flush off fever with water and fresh fruit.

Just like everybody else, though, I am getting older.

When you are in your mid-30s you have to take extra care of yourself because you’ll never know what can hit you.  Since I refuse to take  vitamins and food supplements, I decided to overhaul my diet.

I removed unnecessary items, namely: white rice, white bread, fried food, palm oil, vegetable oil, artificial sweeteners, and anything packed with preservatives.  I told myself that everything has to be fresh.

Thank you, Mama and Papa, for this box of healthy chocolate.

So when my friends learned about my advocacy for better health, they said I should do away with chocolate, too.  I curiously asked them, what is wrong with chocolate?


Bitter dark chocolate offers an array of health benefits.  Vain people, especially those who spend thousands for cosmetic procedures, should know that chocolate tightens and strengthens skin collagen.  By eating this delicious treat in moderation, you can actually maintain your youthful features and save a chunk of money, which you would have otherwise spent on a medical procedure that will only last a year or two.

Aside from its aesthetic attributes, cacao also reduces stroke and regulates blood pressure.  Anyone who is at risk of arterial diseases should consider including dark chocolate in his diet, as this prevents blood clotting and plaque buildup on the artery walls.

Chocolate, however, is not just a disease prevention tool.  Notice that when you bite a chocolate bar you are happy in an instant.  This is because chocolates release a chemical compound, the same compound that a person’s brain releases when he is in love or attracted to somebody.

Chocolate is also an excellent memory enhancer, thus perfect for people whose jobs require them to be multitasking.

That said, I’ll now go and get a piece of my yummy Royce.

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Angry Birds vs. Super Mario Bros.

I have always considered mushroom a wonderful substitute for meat.  I remember my mother used to bring home barbecue mushroom when my brother and I were still kids.  The first time I tasted it, I liked it instantly and so did my big brother — until he realized that it wasn’t pork but mushroom.

That restaurant from which my mama would order barbecue mushroom has an amazing way of changing the texture of vegetables into that of meat.  According to the restaurant owner, this is their way of enticing carnivorous people to eat vegetables; which is good  for one’s body.

Perhaps my love for mushroom is the reason I got addicted to Super Mario Bros., a popular Nintendo game during the 90s.  In this video game, all  Mario and Luigi needed to grow is a single mushroom.  It’s also this vegetable that keeps them alive; the more mushrooms they have, the longer they live.

The addiction of today’s kids to Angry Birds best describes my obsession with Super Mario Bros. when I was in elementary, or I think that was high school.  Honestly, though, I do not see the thrill in playing Angry Birds so I refuse to compare it with my all-time favorite video game.

Sonnet loves Super Mario, too:)

First of all, the angry birds are shooting the pigs that stole their eggs from just one location.  In Super Mario, both brothers collect mushrooms to earn lives and grow, walk through water pipes, stomp Goombas and punch Koopa Turtles underground, defeat more Goombas and Koopa Paratroopa aboveground, climb a long stairway where they can get 100 lives out of banging a Koopa Turtle’s shell against one of the steps, and kill a horrifying dragon before saving Princess Peach.

In other words, Super Mario Bros. is full of action, so playing Angry Birds is synonymous with listening to my Sonnet’s lullabies on Baby TV.

Besides, I wouldn’t kill for eggs that are heavy in cholesterol, that trigger inflammation, and are usually bad for the heart.  I’d rather harvest mushrooms and preserve my life.  Health matters even in video games.