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Of nappy and raindrops

This morning, I woke up to a dark sky. I tried to assess the weather to see if it plans on staying this way for the rest of the day. I wouldn’t want to wear something for the cold weather only to find myself sweating in buckets when the angry rays of the sun start to appear during midday.

As I looked out the window, my daughter called me in her soft and low key voice. I propped her up on my knee and told her the sky is crying. She pretended to cry and let out an infectious laughter. I laughed, too, and held her closer.

Looking at the time, I figured the traffic would be very heavy since it’s a Monday. I wouldn’t want to come in late at work so I hurriedly put down my little Sonnet and told her I have to change her nappy and clothes. She refused with a sharp “Nah,” matched with a pout. I realized she was enjoying the moment and didn’t want me to break it just yet. I followed the direction of her eyes, and figured she was looking at the rain drops on the leaves of a tree which stood outside our window.

I told her softly that I’m going to let her drink from my glass if she lets me change her nappy but she whispered back, “Nah.” I told her I’ll let her eat from my spoon but she only remained quiet.

Finally, I told her to have a good look at the sky so my baby stared up. I explained to her that the sky is lonely that’s why it’s crying nonstop. When Sonnet’s curious eyes looked straight at me, I continued that the sky is lonely because she won’t change her diaper. And this could trigger skin irritation in her diaper area.

Of course, I knew this explanation won’t work. I just wanted to get her attention. You see, Sonnet likes it when I talk. So I told her in my casual tone that the sky has decided to cry all day, which means there’s no way she could swim in the inflatable swimming pool which her uncle brought home last weekend.

Sonnet swiftly got off the bed and… I’ve managed to arrive early at work;)