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The Best Doctor in the Philippines


How many times has your doctor told you to “Boost your immune system by taking vitamin C, eating fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, and sleeping early”? I bet you don’t remember.

My doctor, Dr. Tan Ci Shou, gives more specific instructions to his patients to help them regain a strong immune system. He does not simply tell you what most doctors would, as seen in the foregoing paragraph.

Dr. Tan goes to the root of your health problem and cuts it, making sure it never grows back.

On your first visit to his clinic, which you will find at the Fu Yong Mansion in Ongpin, Binondo, Dr. Tan will check your tongue and pulse without using multiple medical apparatus. He only uses a tiny flashlight to get a clear view of your tongue. Once he’s done, he already knows what’s wrong with you.

Technique or Skill?
Magic? Nope. Dr. Tan is not a magician, but undeniably skilled at curing all kinds of ailments.

I used to have severe hand eczema, or it’s what I thought I had, until he told me that I had skin asthma on the right hand and psoriasis on the left hand. Amazing! Mind you, he got to this conclusion without even performing a skin test, as what most dermatologists normally do.

For 17 years, I have consulted dermatologists from the country’s top hospitals, but none of them was able to cure my sickness. One of them even had me undergo a skin patch, only to tell me that the result of my test revealed I am not allergic to any substance.  Perhaps their method of curing is superficial, thus their inability to reach the core of my health problem at that time.

Those dermatologists have only prescribed Hydrocortisone and ultra-hydtrating creams that provided temporary relief. After a month of no itching and oozing, I was back to my ordeal.

Dr. Tan never prescribed a topical medication. He simply told me that I had a poor immune system; thus the continuous itching, peeling, and pain in my hands despite the fact that I’ve gone macrobiotic a few years ago.

My good doctor said I should work from within. This means to ingest food that is good for the liver, lungs, and kidneys. He also advised me to get lots of rest because this will strengthen my liver.

I was also told to avoid salty, spicy, greasy, sour, and sweet food apart from beef, poultry, shrimp, peanuts, and all kinds of beans.

In other words, I had to change not only my diet but my general lifestyle. From using aluminum and nonstick pans, I started cooking in a glass cookware because it is not only safe to one’s health but also retains the nutrients of the food you cook. I learned this from the staff of Ching Tay, where I buy the herbs in Dr. Tan’s prescription.

Never had a clear hand like this before Dr. Tan came into my life.

Never had a clear hand like this before Dr. Tan came into my life.

Because of my obedience, I feel healthier and happier now. What’s more, it’s not only me who has experienced the wonders of my healing guru’s innate desire to see everybody healthy. My daughter and mother are also enjoying a much improved health since they have become regulars at Dr. Tan’s clinic, too. My little Sonnet used to suffer chronic asthma, while mama used to experience tremendous back and hip pain.

Many doctors nowadays claim they only deal with their specialization, but you won’t hear this from Dr. Tan.  His clinic is open to everybody, so whether you are suffering from gastritis, lung cancer, or perhaps fourth stage breast cancer, the cure is here.

To say that Dr. Tan is a superb healer is an understatement because he turned out to be my family’s angel.

32 thoughts on “The Best Doctor in the Philippines

  1. Greetings po, I would like to find out more about your experience with Dr. Tan Ci Shou. If we can connect po to each other through the email I provided po. Would really appreciate it so much. Maraming salamat po. God bless.

  2. Hi Gelo, I’ll drop a note in your inbox in about an hour.

  3. Awesome. Drs like him are few and far between. You might find the How to Eat page of interest on my other blog:


    Best to you,

  4. You speak the truth Holistic Wayfarer:-) Dr. Tan is a rare gem.

  5. Hi po..Good DAy, May idea po kayo kung pde magpacheck up sa kanya ang bata age 5 yrs. old..may sever allergic rhintis po kasi ang anak ko..nauuwi sa ubo at asthma….pde po sana pkiemail nlng po ako on my email add provided…salamat po ng madami..

  6. Hi Jheng! Kahit mga bata tinitingnan nita. My daughter isseseven, but she has tried Dr.Tan’s herbs. Papipiliin ka naman nya between herbs or tablet.

  7. me naging patient n ba sya na may cancer?

  8. Yes Leng, marami syang cancer patients. Yung iba galing sa kilalang hospitals pero pag dumating sila sa stage wherein they need to undergo chemotherapy, kay Dr. Tan sila pumupunta because they are aware that chemo kills even the noncancerous cells of the body.

  9. Thanks for this article. I too, have been suffering from what was diagnosed as eczema. I will definitely seek him out now that I’ve learned about him.

  10. thanks for the info.. sabi sa ibang forum madaming pagkain ang pinagbabawal nya, just wanna ask if kasama dun ang rice? dun kasi sa isang naturopath doc, binawal ang rice.. thanks for your reply, ill really appreciate it..:)

  11. Yung bawal na food depende sa health problem mo leng. In my case di naman bawal ang rice.

  12. Hi Ceelow! He has the solution to all health problems. As his patients, we simply have to follow his instructions. Don’t worry, you’ll feel better after seeing him:)

  13. Good day po,ask po ako Kung Anu Po sched Ng Days At Tym Pwede Pnta Ki Dr Tan,ako Po My Prob Di Dw Ako Nagoovulate At Ang Asawa Ko Nmn mababa Ang Sperm Count,magkano Po Ang Prize Ng Iniinum Gamot Ki Doc?pra Po Sna Makabudget Na Kmi,at Mgkano Po Ang Per Consultation If Kmi Dlwa Mgasawa Pacheck Up?

  14. can i have the schedule of dr. tan? and theres a chance po b if the kidney is 10% working? plz help tnx

  15. Hi Ritchel! Dalawa sila ng anak nya sa clinic. Open sila from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Saturdays. On Sundays, until 3 p.m. lang sila. His consultation fee is P400 but the price of the herbs would depend on your health requirements. Pag bigay nya sa yo ng prescription of herbs, ipa-compute mo muna sa Ching Tay bago mo bilhin. May solution sya sa problema nyo magasawa.. That’s for sure, Ritchel:)

  16. Hi Alvin! Mukhang wala pang hindi kinaya si Dr. Tan. at ang anak nya, so I would answer yes to your question. Kaya ka nya pagalingin, but you have to strictly obey his instructions. His medication entails discipline not only in eating but also in your overall lifestyle, Bukas sila until 5 p.m., Mon. to Sat. On Sundays, their clinic closes at 3 p.m. Good luck and be positive:)

  17. Hi cnu po nkkalam ng sched n dr.tan fr.laguna p kme kya wala ako idea kun kylan anu araw ngcclinic dr.tan anu oras?tnx

  18. Hello Sonnetshaven,
    May I please ask if you have Doc Shou’s contact number? Thank you so much. Pls feel free to email me.

  19. Hi Joanne:) Unfortunately, Dr. Tan does not have a contact number. He only accepts walk-in patients.

  20. Hi there. I just came from my first appointment with Dr Tan. I too suffer from eczema and psoriasis only it’s all over and not just on my hands. How long did you see him and follow the protocol until you saw results? Did you really go to see him every three days? I’m going to find that the most difficult part since i live far away. Are you still filtering the diet now even if you’re better already? Thanks in advance. I’m feeling daunted by this lifestyle change but i really want to get better.

  21. Hello Aileen:) Congratulations! You’re on your way to excellent health:)

    I started going to Dr. Tan last year. It only took three weeks for my hands to clear up.

    I stopped eating everything on the list that he gave me on my first visit to his clinic. BTW, did you choose herbs or tablets? His herbs are really effective. Ignore the taste, you’ll get used to it;)

    Turning into a vegetarian seemed unimaginable before, but I managed to become one. Vegetables are, after all, better than a relapse, which I experienced because I went back to coffee, meat and donuts. I’ve completely cut out this poisonous food from my diet.

    Dr. Tan’s patients don’t normally go to him every three days; you just have to after your initial visit. I would see him every other week. But when I had a relapse, I had to see him weekly.

    Dr. Tan’s healing method coupled with discipline, patience and obedience will make you feel better in no time.

    Keep the faith, Aileen:)

  22. Hello there, I have suffering with spongiatic dermatitis for 3 years now and seen different doctors. May I have his address please and need to see him. Thanks

  23. Hi. Does anyone know the phone number of Dr. Tan’s clinic or his schedule? I was a patient of Dr. Tan Xiao Yak (the father, I suppose) when he had a clinic near Sto. Domingo Church and he was able to heal my illness. I now have a daughter who needs healing because of back pains for almost 3 years now. Will appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

  24. Hi Joy. The senior Dr. Tan’s full name is Dr. Tan Ci Shou. Maybe you’re speaking of a different Dr. Tan.

    His clinic is open as early as 8 a.m. and it goes on until the evening. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have a phone in his office because he only accepts walk-in patients.

    You may try calling Ching Tay Drugstore, where I buy his prescribed herbs, at 733-6467.

  25. Hi Lannie, take heart in the fact that Dr. Tan can drive away your illness in just a matter of three weeks, if you have the discipline to avoid the things he tells you to avoid.

    His clinic is located on the 2nd floor of the Fu Yong Mansion in Ongpin, Binondo.

    Landmarks: in front of Metrobank and near a & S Lamps

  26. Hi! Im planning to visit the said doctor in the next few days. My mother is suffering from cancer of the bone. Di po sya makalakad. Sa mga nasearch ko, you need to climb the stairs to 2nd floor. Are they offering elevator sa mga katulad nia n need ng wheelchair just to travel? Thanks in advance.

  27. Hi Carlo:) Fu Yong Mansion has two elevators. One is intended for patients on wheelchairs while the other one’s for the building’s tenants.

  28. Hi. Yung mommy ko dati nagpagamot na din kay DR.Tan and i can say na effective siya.. yung mommy ko lang ang pasaway ayaw inumin yung herbal tea.. ayaw sumunod kaya ayun.. anyway pupunta ako sa kanya. Sana nagagamot nya din kahit HPV.. its a kind of std that causes genital warts. May treatment naman yung warts kaya lang yung HPV wala (sabi ng doctor ko) but they say it can go away after 8months – 2years kung malakas ang immune system mo sabi naman ng iba nagiging dormant lang.. (share ko lang para maging faithful kayo sa mga partners nyo at di na magkaroon ng kung anu-ano pang sakit)

    Thank u for this ha? Nalaman ko yung address.. 8years ago na kasi yung last visit namin..

  29. @steven allen zilmar you’re welcome:) Most, if not all, health disorders stem from a poor immune system. I’m positive he’ll be able to cure you. I hope you can also convince your mom to take Dr. Tan’s herbal prescriptions. Sa umpisa lang ganyan, she’ll eventually get used to the taste. Even my daughter, who’s only 8, takes the tea pag may cough sya kasi mas effective kaysa sa tablets.

  30. I suffer from psoriasis, too. May I know how long it took you before seeing significant changes? I’m afraid the treatment might take a year or even more than that. 😦

  31. Hi there, Casey! It really depends on how compliant you are. My rashes cleared up after six months, but because I went back to drinking coffee and eating donuts, I suffered a relapse which took another six months to treat. Since then, I decided to stick to a clean diet and the flare-ups ceased for good.

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