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Performing Ice Cream Laboratory Experiments

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Ice cream is delicious when eaten fresh — not fresh from a bucket or can, but freshly made just for a single cup.

Mango Cream Pie of Ice Cream Laboratory, Mango Cream Pie, Ice Cream Laboratory

My sweet Sonnet had been to the Ice Cream Laboratory last week to try its heavenly ice cream formula called Death by Chocolate.

“No wonder it has that name — you’ll die of its yummy taste!” Sonnet remarked.
Its creaminess and gooiness combined makes Death by Chocolate an ideal dessert or substitute for coffee or tea.
Ice Cream Laboratory Hypermart Pasig
Following her Death by Chocolate experience, Sonnet goes back to the Lab.
She tries another delectable ice cream formula this time.
Ice Cream Laboratory Hypermart Pasig - 2
The Lab specialists prepare a smooth Mango Cream Pie for her.
They pour the milk and my daughter’s requested flavor into the ice cream maker, and then mix away.
As the mixture begins to emit smoke resulting from liquid nitrogen, we know the best part is just seconds away.
Ice Cream Laboratory Hypermart Pasig, Death by Chocolate Ice Cream, Mango Cream Pie Ice Cream, Laboratory for Ice Cream

Sonnet’s face lights up as the Lab crew serves her ice cream cup filled to the brim.

Speechless as she eats with gusto, I figure that this flavor is as good as, if not better than, Chocolate by Death.
Ice Cream Laboratory Mango cream Pie, Death by Chocolate Ice Cream, Rainbow Crispies ice cream laboratory, dragon's breath from ice cream laboratory

On our next visit to the Ice Cream Lab, Sonnet said she’s performing a serious test on either Rainbow Crispies or Dragon’s Breath; she’s positive they’d be following the same yummy formulaic recipe she had witnessed twice.


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